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Web Projects: Tips to Bear in Mind Before You Start Building the Site

Tips to Bear in Mind Before You Start Building the Site

  • Always make backups! Nothing is more frustrating than losing hours of work because a computer has gone down and there is no backup of your files.
  • Make sure students write down their passwords in a safe place if they are using one of the Web-based applications discussed in the Models of Development section. That way, if they want to add or edit something later, they can.
  • Document Your Work: We recommend writing down any specifications or process steps that might be difficult to remember later on. This includes typefaces (font, font size, spacing, attributes, etc.) and graphical measurements (how wide is our menu bar supposed to be?).
  • Remember that once published, a Web site is available to anyone in the world with access to the Internet. Consider discussing privacy issues with your students, such as whether they want their names, photos, or other identifying information included on the site (for reasons related to politics, safety, or documentation, for example). As the site is developed, be careful to monitor for private information or other content that may not be appropriate to publish outside of class.

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Last Updated October 23, 2003