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Web Projects: The Teacher's Background and Experience

The Teacher's Background and Experience

It's not necessary for the teacher to have much specific experience in making Web pages in order to start a Web project with a class. However, every teacher we have met without that kind of experience took some time to learn the basics ahead of time before taking the plunge with their class. There are many books and tutorials that can be used for this purpose.

What's most important is to be comfortable and confident around computers and in surfing the Web, and to have a good sense of file management so that your Web pages and all the files that go with them (images, sounds, movies, etc.) are organized well. Knowing a little about editing images will be helpful too.

Before starting to do Web design projects with my students, I had worked with computers for a few years as a technician doing networking and administration and had taught computer literacy for about a year. However, I only knew the basics of HTML and site management. I had been maintaining a very basic Web site to hold curriculum for my computer classes, with a separate page for each class that I updated before the class began.
The background I had in computers was very useful, but I don't think that it's necessary. It is important to know some basic technical details before beginning the project , however. This will help you field some of their questions when they come.

--Eric Appleton, Computer and Literacy Teacher at the Fortune Society in New York City

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Last Updated October 23, 2003