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Web Projects: Project Examples

MUJER: A Student Home Page

MUJER stands for "Mothers United for Jobs Education and Results." This site was produced in part by an adult education class taught for clients of the T.A.N.F. (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program in San Antonio, Texas. The site includes a wide variety of student projects and writings, including a "virtual visit" to their class.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

This is YOUR Community

ESOL learners from Perth Amboy Adult School, Perth Amboy, NJ, wrote up and posted visits to different community locations.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Visiting May Wu: A Virtual Visit for Healthcare Information in Boston's Chinatown

Created by students from the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center in Massachusetts, this site uses sound and pcitures to recreate a visit with the Director of the Asian Info/Referral Line at the New England Medical Center, Social Work Services.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Virtual Visit to the Statue of Liberty

Extensive photographs plus, among other things, a "what to pack before coming to the United States" activity. Created in 1999 by a group from the Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission, NJ.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Virtual Visit to a Computer Store

This site chronicles a visit by some Massachusetts students to a local computer store in 1998. The site is designed to recreate the experience of being a first-time computer buyer.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Holidays Around the World

This collaborative site was created by ESL students and their teachers at three Boston learning centers.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Queens Community College ESOL Class Queen Bee's Web Page

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Student Web Pages at the Fortune Society


Student web pages from the Fortune Society Computer Lab. This web site is part of the Virtual Visit Project, started by Susan Gaer and David Rosen.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Internet Health Lesson Project

A student health team and staff consultants from Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center's Adult English as a Second Language (AESL) Program designed and produced health workshop plans and bilingual materials. With help from the Asian Health Initiative coordinator, the student workers adapted the health workshop materials for the Web; the students then presented the workshops in regular classes. The staff incorporated hard copy adaptations of some of these materials in revised core AESL textbooks.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Adult Learning Links

The Adult Learning Links Web site was designed to assist adult learners and adult educators in accessing adult learning resources on the Web. While the site itself was not designed by students, students helped select and rate the Web sites that were recommended. Web sites were rated on a scale of 1 to 5, according to level of interaction, variety of activities, feedback provided. A good example of how to involve students in a project, even if the development of the site is largely teacher- or program-directed.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Tour with 4

High/Intermediate ESOL students researched topics, found and scanned
photos, wrote extensively, created their own individual Web pages, and
worked together to create the design of the home page for this impressive
class site.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Even Start Multicultural Family Literacy Program: Cultural Links

This Washington DC site started off by creating pages for their organization's
Web site, and then trained staff and students (High/Intermediate ESOL)
to update and add pertinent links to the site.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Virtual Visit to Lowell Mills

A GED class from Lowell, MA, photographed and wrote about their visit to a mill museum. Included are related lessons and activities. Note the instructor's comments regarding the connection to GED preparation.

Last Updated December 05, 2003

Telling Our Stories on the Web

A Web site developed by the Electronic Grange Network in Weld, ME, with community members, (including adult education students and other community members). Site focuses on economic development challenges and opportunities in a rural area of Maine. Challenging/inspiring site serves as a great example of how the Web can give voice to those who may otherwise be ignored.

Last Updated October 23, 2003