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Web Projects: How Does this Project Fit?

How Does this Project Fit?

The purpose of [our] project was not to make my students into Web designers but rather to encourage them to write and give them a vehicle for publishing this writing. This said, many students were also interested in learning about computers in general and wanted to be involved in all aspects of the project, including the more technical ones.

--Maura Donnelly,
former adult literacy teacher at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, New York

I wanted students to work on many language and computer skills: when they were doing research using Internet resources and children's library books I brought in, I wanted them to improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary; when they worked on writing their essays, I wanted them to improve their spelling, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and paragraphing; when they worked on the computer, I wanted them to improve their ability to search for information on the Internet, use a scanner to scan photos, copy Web addresses to give credit for information or photos they used, choose from layout options, upload images, and type their essays.

-- Diana Satin, ESOL/Computer Teacher at the Jamaica Plain Community Center's Adult Learning Program in Boston, Massachusetts

We have found that Web publishing is a viable way to engage students at different levels. Publishing on the Web is possible even for students with very limited literacy skills, using one of the online tools discussed in the Models of Development section.

Whatever level is being taught, we have found that there are three questions that teachers should consider before suggesting the idea to students:

  • What are the educational goals for this project? How does this fit with the rest of what the students in this class are trying to achieve?
  • What is the desired duration of this project? A semester? A month? A year? Longer? Consider carefully your class's needs. Are they more likely to stay with a project if it is spread out over time? Or are they more likely to enjoy working intensively and a short but concentrated effort?
  • How will you assess this project?

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Last Updated October 23, 2003