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Web Projects: Deciding on the Site Content

Deciding on the Site Content

Are you using or modifying existing graphics and photos, or creating all your graphics and photos from scratch? If you are using preexisting graphics or photos, where are they coming from? Will they need to be scanned, or changed to the proper format? (Many graphics, and most photos, are already in the proper format, but if not, most graphics software programs can open them and convert them to the correct format. (See Graphic File Formats)

Remember that not every phase of your project needs to be high-tech. For example, disposable cameras are very inexpensive and almost every film development service offers to provide your photos on compact disc in addition to or as an alternative to prints. These electronic images will most likely be in the proper format and can be used on your Web site. As of the writing of this book, in 2003, this is much cheaper than buying a digital camera to produce those electronic images.

At this point you'll also want to start thinking about the overall look of the site. After reviewing the content, those responsible for graphic design ideas may want to suggest a design direction. For example, a site that is going to be devoted to photos of student artwork might have a graphic design that resembles an art gallery.

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Last Updated October 23, 2003