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Web Projects: Creating and Collecting the Content

Creating and Collecting the Content

From the beginning of the project, students were adamant about having pictures on the site. We could get access to a digital camera through the college but opted instead to supply the students with their own disposable cameras. A digital camera would have been easier from a production point of view: it would allow us to simply download the images directly into the computer. But disposable cameras allowed the students to carry cameras with them and snap pictures as they went about their lives... The students had to pick four or five shots each to put on their individual pages and write captions for their pictures. This short writing task proved to be relatively easy: it was writing about something with which they were connected. The captions were a fun break from the longer pieces of writing they were creating for the site.

--Maura Donnelly,
former adult literacy teacher at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, New York

The content of Web pages usually includes:

  • Text
  • Illustrations
  • Photos

As noted previously, advanced sites may also include multimedia, such as sound, video, and animation. If the work involved in collecting the content for your site is assigned during the planning stages, people can be working on this simultaneously with the template-building steps described in the Samples & Templates section.

While it is not necessary to have created or collected all of the content during the planning and model- and template-building stages, we highly recommend having all of it ready before you start actually building the site.

Content, of course, can come from a variety of sources depending on the objectives and purpose of the site. Students may be writing up interviews with local community members, or writing their own stories; taking pictures or scanning in existing pictures; or designing logos or graphics using graphics software.

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Last Updated October 23, 2003