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Here's a checklist of some often-overlooked elements that should probably be on every Web page.

  • Be sure to name and save each document in a way that is easy for you and others to remember.
  • Don't forget to title each page (using the "title" html tag: <title>This is my Title</title>) so that some identification appears on the title bar of the document. Otherwise, for example, it will appear as "untitled" when your page comes up in a search engine result. Note: Creating a title is different than saving the document with a file name.
  • The Web site's name should be on each page so that folks who come to your page from somewhere other than your own home page will know where they are.
  • You'll probably also want to indicate a title or topic for that particular page or section--again, so people will understand where they are on your site.
  • Every page should have a link back to the home page (people hate to get "lost" on a site). Some people like to use icons (such as a little house!).
  • Good rule of thumb on graphics: graphics load more quickly the smaller they are, so it's best to keep them under 30K.
  • Include information as to who created the page, and contact information, so that visitors to the site can contact you if need be.
  • Every page should note when it was created and/or last revised.
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    Last Updated October 23, 2003