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How do you use technology?
When paired with instructional strategies like project-based learning, technology may support activities that encourage more intellectually complex work and more relevant, real-life problem-solving. What kind of technology-assisted project-based learning activities make sense in the adult literacy classroom? One answer might be to connect project-based learning to an activity that supports underserved communities to develop meaningful content for the Web.
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November 17, 2003

Book for Teachers on Web Publishing

Under Construction Book CoverWorld Education has published a short guidebook, Under Construction: Building Web Sites as a Project-based Learning Activity for ABE/ESOL Classes, written by Jeff Carter, the manager of this site, along with Steve Quann of World Ed. The book is designed to provide adult literacy and ESOL staff developers and teachers with some simple, user-friendly advice on building Web sites as a classroom activity. Contact Jeff for information about ordering copies.

The Web Projects section of this site is an enhanced, Web-based companion to the print version of the book, maintained by Jeff Carter.

Posted by Jeff Carter

March 08, 2004

Web Publishing Skills

One of the ideas running across this site is that building a Web site as a class project is a way to work with technology in the classroom that strongly emphasizes communication, planning, and team-building skills, in addition to technology and literacy skills. A March 2004 article in Digital Web Magazine, called "A Recipe for Learning Web Design" by By D. Keith Robinson, has some good stuff on the non-technical skills involved in Web publishing.

Posted by Jeff Carter

August 20, 2004

Weblogs in the Classroom

The August 20 Circuits section of the New York Times includes a feature on blogs in the classroom.

Posted by Jeff Carter

December 20, 2004

Blog Primer

I have a few quibbles here and there, but basically, this primer on blogs by John Dvorak is pretty good if you are looking for such a thing....
Posted by Jeff Carter